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Interface with third-party ADL software

WinCare will interface with several third-party ADL capture products. A preferred product for ADL Capture is Scores. If you are interested contact WinCare can give you a demo or set up a trial. You deal directly with WinCare for signing up and for support.

S-cores screen sample

The WinCare ADL interface allows admissions and discharges to be done in WinCare, and WinCare will update the resident list in the ADL software. You record the resident information from the bed-side with the ADL software. When it is time for an MDS assessment you can go into Section G and click the Get ADLs button to load the suggested values from the ADL software based on the entered information and the assessment reference date. If you agree with the suggested values then you click accept to have the values loaded in for the items. Currently WinCare can import information for Section G items G0110A-G0110J and G0120.

 WinCare Section G Screen 1

 WinCare Section G Screen 2

For more information on Scores please visit their website: Below is a YouTube video demo of their software, it is for an older version but still gives you a good idea of how it works. You can also view the S-cores brochure in PDF format.

Video 1 - Intro to Scores Software:

Video 2 - Scores Software - The financials

For further information contact our support team.

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