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  WinCare Integrated AR Billing Software
                Features & Benefits

Tool Bar

An intuitive Toolbar is easy to use and everything you need is just a click away.


Ancillary services and revenue are easily tracked for each billing period. Reports are provided to show the amount of services and generated revenue.


The Billing module is census driven and contains the functions needed to generate bills, and close a period.

   Billing Notes

The Billing Notes module contains the functions to add, edit, or view correspondence and assigned tasks regarding resident billing.


The Claims module is contains the functions needed to create UB04's.


The EDI module contains the functions needed to create HIPPAA certified transmission files.


The Payments module enables the entry of single payments and batch payments on accounts. Distribute a single payment for multiple residents and invoices.


Issue a new Refund to a resident or edit an existing refund in a current posting period.


The Adjustments module contains the functions to correct errors or override entries in the census.

   AR Reports

Print and preview more than 50 standard Accounts Receivable Reports. Specify sort options by residents and dates to generate the desired information.

Master Files

The Master Files module contains key data for your facility that is used throughout the WinCare Financial Program. Enter information that is pertinent to your facility.

   General Ledger

The General Ledger button links to the add-on General Ledger program.


WinCare is also available in the cloud, automatic updates, no server to host on-site, works with wireless networks.

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