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Tool Bar

An intuitive Toolbar is easy to use and everything you need is just a click away.


The PreScreen module is designed so that LTC facilities using WinCare can quickly arrive at a cost of care of a potential Medicare resident prior to admission. Information pertinent to the care of the prospective client is entered and the cost of care per assessment process is calculated against the income to be received.


The PreAdmit module is designed to set up a resident admission with information prior to actual admission including PO/MAR functions. The module may be used as a resident waiting list.


The Admit module centralizes all demographic information that is pertinent to the resident's care. Track resident location, status and census information for billing.


The PO / MAR module enables recording, storing and tracking all treatment, lab, diet, allergies and diabetic data.


The Vitals module enables users to easily enter and access all resident's vital information for future reference and reporting. Track weight variances and print out a variety of reports concerning significant weight changes.

Care Plan

Set up Care Plans for specific problems. Set Goals and Methods by date to monitor progress.


The ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tracks all activities and monitors progress over any time line.


MDS 3.0 formats information for electronic submission, calculates RUG-IV scores and completes an accuracy check. This module includes an automatic PPS Calculator.


All entries in the Notes module are logged by author, subject, date and time for reference.


The CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) module includes worksheets and reports for Acuity Monitoring, Risk Monitoring, Change in Status and the CMS 672 and 802 survey forms.


Select from more than 80 customizable Reports. All the information you need is, instantly at your finger-tips. View and print sample reports.

Resident Trust

The Resident Trust module details resident account information with automatic interest calculation and disbursement. Included are detailed summaries of account transactions.

   Phone Book

The Phone Book module is required to use the software. Access this screen to add physicians, insurance carriers, hospitals, mortuaries, etc.


The Utilities module enables customization of the program for your facility.




WinCare is also available in the cloud, automatic updates, no server to host on-site, works with wireless networks.

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